In India, the private investigations agencies have no government regulations, and the private detective agencies (regulation bill, 2007) are still pending before the parliament, so detective agencies work on their own terms and conditions.

 When the Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh's phone was illegally copied by private detective agencies, the case was registered by the special cell of Delhi Police on December 30, 2005. During the investigation, the police arrested Bhupinder Singh, who used to run a detective agency, Vijay, Kuldeep Singh and Anurag Singh for elegantly forging letters from the Joint Commissioner of the Police and the Home Secretary of the Delhi Government to tap the phone of Amar Singh. They also contacted Amar Singh to extort money. The leader however complained to the authorities and got the case registered. In the second high profile case, six people were arrested for illegally procuring BJP leader Arun Jaitley's call detail record. Private detective Anurag Singh was found to be the main culprit. In July 2016, two separate cases were registered by the crime branch of Delhi Police for illegal snooping and private detectives were also arrested in those two cases along with a sub inspector from Jaipur Police and a constable from Kanpur Police. In total more than 10 people were arrested in both of these cases. In 2018 Mumbai police arrested more than a dozen including one of its constable, celebrity advocate Rizwan Siddiqui and the oldest female detective in India Rajni Pandit.

Therefore, there is a very thin line of difference between the legal means of procuring evidence and the illegal means of procuring evidence. Any prospective client of detective agencies should first be concerned about his safety, security, privacy and confidentiality. The above mentioned cases are high profile and have received media as well as police attention and therefore are in the public domain knowledge. There are many cases where private detectives have gone rogue especially in cases of corporate intelligence and extra marital affair. In the cases of corporate, the private detective has a sensitive and valuable business house for whom it is working and private detective can misuse such data.

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